[Bronze] Rank

7.00 USD



  • Access to /dump (dumps your whole inventory to nearby chests) and /search (searches nearby chests for a specific item)
  • Access to /craft (opens up a crafting table)
  • Access to /disposal (opens up a menu for you to get rid of items)
  • Access to /recipe (shows recipes for different items)
  • Access to /condense (condenses items into more compact blocks)
  • Access to /hat (wear any block as a hat)
  • Chicken Pet (/pet)
  • Ability to add lore to any item/block (/itemlore)
  • Ability to disable announcements and announcement sounds (/ia toggle <announcement/sound>)
  • Withdraw currency into physical coins (/withdraw)
  • Access to Ranked Quests with special and unique rewards
  • All In-game chat emojis (/emojis)
  • Fly in lobbies (/fly)
  • Custom Rank Join Message
  • Custom Discord Role